As members voted in favour of revamping our outdated website platform, the transformation is underway, and we expect to roll out the new site in late April or early May, even if all of the archived or new information is not posted on the new site in time for the release. While developing the new site, the old website has remained active, but unfortunately, we are unable to update any information, thus the move to the new site is vital.

This new site will be dynamic, with many content contributors, so each time you visit, there should be something new to see. We will be resetting user name and password information just before the release, and will inform members by e‐mail, so please be sure that your e‐ mail address is registered with us to receive the first time login information promptly.

If you have any suggestions for information that you would like to see available to you on our website that has not been there in the past, please let us know.