About IBEW Local 1687

History of Local Union 1687

Local 1687 was granted charter by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on February 8, 1951. The original charter was signed by the following members: Emil Tuori, Thomas R. Christie, Ryan T. Lepage, H.D. Morgan, Gerald Bois, Alvin Boureau, Harold M. Short Jr., Lawson Lundy, James Ing, D.W. Brady, Albert G. Muckler, Orville Follis, Leslier Crawford, G.C. Cusack and Leonard Meauvasige and their successors – our current membership.

The simplified objective of this Local Union is to promote, by all proper means, the material and intellectual welfare of its members.

Click the link below to view the Objects of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:
Objects of the IBEW Constitution

Organizational Structure

Local 1687 business is overseen by elected officers as set out in Article XVI of the IBEW Constitution. Nominations of officers is held at the regular meeting of each Unit in April of election years – 1687 has four units consisting of Sudbury, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay. The business manager/financial secretary sees to the day to day operations and reports 1687 affairs to the president, vice president, recording secretary, treasurer and three executive board designations, at monthly meetings. Each officer is elected for a three-year term.

In addition to the core officers, Local 1687 members elect trustees to oversee its Health and Welfare and Pension Plans – four for each plan. Elections for theses trustees follows the normal election process; however, seeing that each trustee serves a six-year term, the term dates have been staggered to maintain intellectual continuity.

History of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Founder of the IBEW

Henry Miller was the founder, first president and driving force behind the first union of electrical workers in North America – the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Despite the key role he played in the history of the IBEW and the early labor movement, little is known about Miller’s life and career.

The following short film sheds some light on the life and times of Brother Miller and the dawn of the IBEW.
IBEW Henry Miller Video

Know Your History: History of the IBEW Videos

The following informative videos featuring IBEW International President Edwin Hill are very informative:
History of the IBEW : Part 1
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History and Structure Document

The “History and Structure” of the IBEW. Carrying the IBEW Dream into the 21st century!

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IBEW History and Structure