At a significant cost saving, the IBEW hall has changed from the former Bell Canada phone line service to an Eastlink internet based phone service.

You may notice that incoming calls will be handled a bit differently than before, but we believe that you will like the change.

When you call in, if the main line is in use, you will be presented with options for direct connection to individual office personnel, and if the person that you wanted to speak to is not already on a call, he or she will have the opportunity to answer your call personally.

If the person that you wanted to speak to is already on another call, you will be able to leave a voice mail for that person. I you are not sure who you should direct your enquiry to, you can leave a message in the general mailbox to ensure that you message is passed along to the appropriate person.

As with any change, there will be a period of adjustment, so please bear with us, while we familiarize ourselves with the new system.