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Updated: November 6, 2015

"Labour was the first price, the original purchase...
money that was paid for all things.
It was not by gold or by silver, but by labour,
that all wealth of the world was originally purchased."

~ Adam Smith ~

      On behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1687, Northeastern Ontario, I would like to welcome you to our Home on the Internet. Our goal is to provide an ongoing service to our membership throughout our jurisdiction, and extend an invitation to anyone working in the electrical trade in the Construction Industry in Northeastern Ontario, to step forward and Join our Membership!

Stand Beside Us... Grow and Prosper!

      Since February 8, 1951, our Membership has been helping to build our communities throughout Northeastern Ontario. Take comfort in the fact that the hospitals and the schools you depend upon, have been wired by our Membership. We strive to develop Superior Electricians in the Construction Industry and continue to do so through our very successful Electrical Apprenticeship Program.

In Solidarity,

Tim Butler
IBEW Local 1687
...The Right Choice!

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